The Ark Season 1 download

The Ark Season 1

• Production area: United States
• Genre : Science Fiction / Suspense
• language: English
• Premiere time: 2023-02-01 (USA)
• Number of seasons: 1
• Number of episodes: 12
• Single episode length: 45min
• Starring: Lisa Brenner, Christy Burke, Christina Wolf, Richard Fleischmann, Rhys Rich, Shalini Peiris, Tiana Upcheva, Miles Barrow, Jadran Malkovich,Chris Leask , Stacey Read , Milica Vrzic , Jelena Moore , Ryan Adams , Steven William Moore , Dominik Cicak , Cosmo Kay , Tamara Radovanovic
• Writers: John-Paul Nickel / Dean Devlin
• Director: Dean Devlin

Ark One is a sci-fi mystery series produced by Syfy, set 100 years in the future, when planetary colonization missions have begun to help ensure the survival of humanity. The first mission aboard a spacecraft named Ark One encountered a catastrophic event, causing massive damage and loss of life. With more than a year to go before reaching the target planet, lack of life-sustaining supplies, and the loss of the captain in the disaster, the remaining crew must be their best selves to move on and survive.

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S01E04.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P
S01E05.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P
S01E06.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P
S01E07.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P
S01E08.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P
S01E09.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P
S01E10.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P

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