Tulsa King Season 1 download

• Production area : USA
• Genre : Drama / Crime
• language: English
• Premiere time: 2022-11-13 (USA)
• Number of seasons: 1
• Number of episodes: 10
• Single episode length: 45min
• Starring: Sylvester Stallone/ Garrett Hedlund/ Andrea Savage/ Martin Starr/ Max Casella/ Dominique Lombardozzi/ Vincent Piazza/ Jay Weir/ A.C. Peterson/ John Cenadiembo/ Dashiell Connelly/ Kathy Shea Watson/ Patrick Klein/ Bruce · Davis / Ginger Gilmartin / Porter Kelly / Zackary Brooks / Phyllis Pastore / Chris Caldovino / Andrew Olson
• Screenwriter: Terrence Winter
• Director : Benjamin Semanoff

Former New York mafia boss Dwight “The General” Manfredi was released from prison after serving 25 years, but was exiled by his boss to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Realizing that his mob family isn’t looking out for his best interests, Dwight gradually builds a “team” from a group of characters he didn’t imagine to help him forge a new one in a completely alien place. criminal empire.

S01E01.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P | 2160P
S01E02.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P | 2160P
S01E03.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P | 2160P
S01E04.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P | 2160P
S01E05.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P | 2160P
S01E06.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P | 2160P
S01E07.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P | 2160P
S01E08.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P | 2160P
S01E09.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P | 2160P
S01E10.720P.mkv | 480P | 1080P | 2160P

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