nextcloud of base set up

1.unsupport version download 2.the lastest vision download 3.user manual 4.Nextcloud 26 no longer supports versions below php8 like php 7 so php 7 use 25 version. Create the database used by nextcloud Generate self-signed ssl certificate for nextcloud use LNMP all of the sofewares are centos […]

The latest detailed steps to configure LNMP centos nginx mysql php7.4

[root@localhost ~]# rpm -Uvh [root@localhost ~]# rpm -Uvh [root@localhost ~]# rpm -Uvh [root@localhost ~]# yum -y install #used to install php7.4 =============================== [root@localhost ~]# yum -y install nginx [root@localhost ~]# rpm -import [root@localhost ~]# yum -y install mysql-community-server [root@localhost ~]# yum -y install yum-utils [root@localhost […]

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Welcome to come my site.It is a great day for me to constructed this knowledge base. The suppose of this site is recoding every tips which i have see. So display to you and use it for yourself. It is a free site and everything you can copy and use […]