Difference Between Blues and Jazz

The difference between blues and jazz is mainly reflected in the following and aspects: 1. The difference between rhythm and rhythm: The representative rhythm of blues is called Shuffle Beat (based on triplets). The rhythm has a strong sense of undulation, which makes people bounce. The representative rhythm of jazz […]

What is the cause of obvious blue muscles in the body

The obvious blue veins in the body may be caused by physiological factors; it may also be caused by pathological factors, such as muscle strain and varicose veins. 1. Physiological factors People’s subcutaneous fat layer is thinner, the skin is whiter, and the blood vessels are clearer, so the blue […]

10 tips for running in a new car

Every new car has a running-in period. During the running-in period, we must treat our own car well so as not to leave any hidden dangers for future cars. The following ten new car running-in tips are dedicated to everyone. 1. Warm up the car before driving. When the vehicle […]

10 precautions for new car running-in

1. The speed should not be too high Compared with the maximum speed of civilian vehicles generally at 6000+, it is sufficient to keep the speed within 4000 rpm during the running-in period. 2. Warm up the car before departure Warm up the car for 1 minute before departure, and […]