Se7en (1995) download

Se7en (1995)

Director: David Fincher
Screenwriter: Andrew Kevin Walker
Starring: Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Andrew Kevin Walker, John Cassini, Reg E. / Lee Ermey
Genre: Drama / Thriller / Crime / Suspense
Region: United States
language: English
Released: 1995-09-22 (USA)
Length: 127 minutes
Also known as: The Line of Fire (Taiwan) / 7 Sins / Seven
Rating: IMDB 8.6 / Rotten Tomatoes 82%

Movie Synopsis
“Gluttony”, “greed”, “laziness”, “jealousy”, “pride”, “lust”, and “anger”, these are the seven deadly sins of human nature referred to by Catholic teachings. In the serial murders that occurred in the city, the dead happened to be those who committed these teachings. The murderer’s mystifying modus operandi brought senior and calm police officer Samose (Morgan Freeman ) and soft new police officer mills (Brad Pitt ) into investigation. In the mystery. They went to the library to study Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, trying to find clues from the description of hell on earth, and finally found clues about the murderer’s plan and means from the world of religious literature and philosophy. The murderer surrendered himself, which made everyone feel relieved. They thought the case was over, but they still couldn’t escape the murder logic of the seven deadly crimes. This time, the murderer aimed at the person who committed the crime of “anger”…

“Se7en” is a crime thriller film released in 1995, directed by David Fincher and starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Spacey. The film follows two detectives, David Mills (Brad Pitt) and William Somerset (Morgan Freeman), as they investigate a series of gruesome murders inspired by the seven deadly sins.

As the investigation progresses, Mills and Somerset become increasingly desperate to catch the killer before he can complete his twisted mission. However, the killer, John Doe (Kevin Spacey), proves to be a formidable opponent, taunting the detectives with clues and leading them on a dangerous and disturbing journey through the seedy underbelly of the city.

“Se7en” was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $327 million worldwide and receiving positive reviews for its dark and gritty atmosphere, its memorable performances, and its shocking twist ending. The film has since become a cult classic and is often cited as one of the greatest crime thrillers of all time.

Its themes of morality, justice, and the nature of evil have made it a favorite among film enthusiasts and have influenced numerous works in the genre. It remains a testament to the power of suspenseful storytelling and masterful filmmaking.

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