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Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

Director: Jared Hess
Writers: Jared Hess, Jerusha Hess
Actors: Jon Hyde, Jon Grace, Aaron Riel, Efren Ramirez
Genre: Drama / Comedy / Romance / Youth
Region: United States
language: English
Release: 2004-01-17 (Sundance Film Festival) / 2004-06-11 (USA)
Length: 95 minutes
Also known as: Bomb’s Whimsical World / Dynamite Napoleon / Bombhead Napoleon (Hong Kong)
Rating: IMDB 6.9 / Rotten Tomatoes 72%

Movie Synopsis
Napoleon (Jon Heder), a high school student in Princeton, Idaho, is a badass with thick glasses, neither cool nor handsome, and always funny. He lives with his grandmother and his unemployed brother Cape. He was not well received by his classmates at school and was often punished by his teachers. He doesn’t fit in, and can only follow the windmill ball alone. Later, he met classmate Pedro (played by Efren Ramirez), and the two became friends. While Pedro was running for student body president, Napoleon contributed his own strength. Once, when Napoleon was playing sofa potatoes at home, a girl Debbie (Tina Majorino) came to sell him. So he had a good impression of this girl, but he didn’t have the courage to pursue it, so he could only come up with some clumsy ghost ideas, but they always broke up unhappy. Cape watched TV shopping and was deeply attracted by the self-defense coach. He dragged Napoleon and the two to join the club, but he was disappointed…

“Napoleon Dynamite” is a 2004 independent comedy film directed by Jared Hess. The movie features a cast of relatively unknown actors, including Jon Heder as the titular character, alongside Efren Ramirez, Tina Majorino, and Aaron Ruell.

The film follows the story of Napoleon Dynamite, a socially awkward and eccentric teenager living in a small town in Idaho. Napoleon spends his days drawing mythical creatures, practicing his nunchuck skills, and dealing with his dysfunctional family and schoolmates. However, when his friend Pedro runs for class president against the popular girl, Summer, Napoleon and his friends must come together to help Pedro win the election.

“Napoleon Dynamite” was praised for its quirky humor, unique characters, and deadpan performances. The film became a sleeper hit and a cult classic, grossing over $46 million worldwide on a budget of only $400,000. The movie also spawned numerous memes, catchphrases, and merchandise, and continues to be a popular cultural reference point.

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