Corpse Bride (2005) download

Corpse Bride (2005)

Director: Tim Burton, Mike Johnson
Writers: Tim Burton, Carlos Granchier, John August, Caroline Thompson, Pamela Patler
Starring: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Emily Watson, Tracey Ullma, Paul Whitehouse, Joanna Lumley, Albert Finney Chad E. Grant / Christopher Lee / Michael Gough / Jane Horrocks / En Reiter / Deep Roy / Danny Elfman / Stephen Ballantyne / Lisa Kay /…
Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Animation
Region: US / UK
language: English
Released: 2005-09-07 (Venice Film Festival) / 2005-09-23 (USA) / 2005-10-21 (UK)
Runtime: 77 minutes
Also known as: Skeleton Bride / Tim Burton’s Hell Bride (Taiwan) / Tim Burton’s Grotesque Corpse Bride (Hong Kong) / Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride
Rating: IMDB 7.3 / Rotten Tomatoes 84%

Movie Synopsis
Victor’s parents arranged a marriage for their son, and his fiancée is Victoria, a fallen noble lady. Victor is introverted and sensitive, not good at expressing, so he went to the grove to rehearse the oath ceremony secretly on the eve of the wedding. However, an accident happened. When he put the ring on a branch on the ground, he was shocked to find that the branch turned into a rotten finger! Victor was still in shock, when a zombie bride appeared in front of Earth Shake. And this rotten finger grew on her body.
The zombie bride said sincerely that she was Victor’s legal wife. Victor was very surprised, and slowly learned that the woman died on a wedding night, and she had been waiting here for her husband’s arrival.
In the small woods, Victor not only met the woman, but also saw the joy and harmony in this dead world. He was deeply affected by the scene before him, and his fear gradually dissipated. However, in two worlds, between two brides, how should Victor choose.

Corpse Bride is a 2005 British-American stop-motion animated musical fantasy film directed by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson. The film tells the story of Victor Van Dort (voiced by Johnny Depp), a shy and awkward groom-to-be who accidentally marries a deceased bride named Emily (voiced by Helena Bonham Carter) while practicing his wedding vows in a forest.

As Victor tries to figure out how to get back to the world of the living, he finds himself torn between his love for his living fiancee, Victoria (voiced by Emily Watson), and his growing affection for Emily, who is not as dead as she seems.

The film features a talented voice cast, including Albert Finney, Richard E. Grant, Christopher Lee, and Joanna Lumley. It also features memorable songs by composer Danny Elfman, who has frequently collaborated with Burton throughout his career.

Corpse Bride received positive reviews from critics, who praised its visual style, voice cast, and music. It was a box office success, grossing over $117 million worldwide. The film has since become a cult classic and a favorite among fans of Tim Burton’s unique style of filmmaking.

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