Will you get sick if you splash water in a public toilet?

Doc A
If you are splashed with water in a public toilet, you may get sick, but the chance is very small.

The water in the urinal is not clean because it will be polluted by urine and feces, and there are many bacteria in it, especially the high content of E. coli, as well as some viruses and fungi. If you are accidentally splashed with water from the urinal, you may have a wound on your body that may become infected. If it accidentally enters the respiratory tract, it may cause respiratory diseases. Some viruses are highly contagious. If someone has some highly contagious viruses in their stool and the contaminated water is splashed on a healthy person, it may cause disease.

If you are accidentally splashed with toilet water, you must first wash it with clean water, and then rinse it with soapy water. As long as you deal with it in time, you will generally not get sick. The human body has a certain degree of immunity, and has a certain resistance to these viruses and bacteria. If the treatment is timely, most of them will not be infected.

Doc B
If the water from the public toilet splashes on the body, there should be no problem of infectious diseases, and it does not meet the route of infectious diseases. Infectious diseases are generally transmitted from person to person through high-risk behaviors, mother-to-child, and blood.

However, there will be a certain amount of pathogenic bacteria in public toilets. If the individual’s skin is damaged when exposed to contaminated urine, it is possible to be infected with certain diseases. It needs to be cleaned and rinsed in time to avoid the occurrence of infectious diseases.

If there is no mucous membrane contact, it is not a big problem to consider. Do a good job of individual sexual protection to effectively prevent the incidence of infectious diseases. Pay as much attention to your own safety and behavior as possible, and you need to pay attention to personal hygiene habits. Wash often with warm water, change wash frequently, and clean underwear.

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