Tips for saving fuel during the running-in period of a new car

1. Don’t drive too hard

Car owners should not step on the accelerator and start after parking, as this behavior of starting will increase fuel consumption.

2. Maintain an appropriate level of tire pressure

When the tire pressure is too low, the car will consume more fuel, and no matter whether it is too high or too low, the tire will blow out! Therefore, car owners need to check the tire pressure of their car frequently, which can not only effectively reduce fuel consumption, but also ensure life safety!

3. Avoid the situation where the car is idling for a long time

Even if the engine is idling, the car still consumes fuel. If it is not necessary, the owner should turn off the engine when parking and waiting, and don’t let it idle all the time.

4. Don’t load too many things

We all know that overweight vehicles consume more fuel during normal driving. Therefore, try to empty the trunk as much as possible during the break-in period of the new car.

5. Put in high gear as much as possible

Generally, a car with a low gear will consume more fuel, so when driving a car with a manual transmission, the owner should switch to a high gear in time after the vehicle speed stabilizes, while driving a car with an automatic transmission should be in mode, so as to avoid Consume more fuel!

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