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The Stepfather (2009)

Director: Nelson McCormick
Screenwriter: J.S. Cardone
Starring: Dylan Walsh, Sela Ward, Penn Badgley, Amber Heard, Shirley Stringfield, Paige Tuco, Jon Tenney, Nancy Lynn Charles/ Marcuis Harris/ Breeden Lemasters/ Deirdre Lovejoy/ Skyler Samuels/ Blue Deckert/ Jason Wells/ Jay Saline Gilsig
Genre: Thriller / Suspense
Region: United States
Language: English / German
Released: 2009-10-16 (USA)
Length: 101 minutes
Also known as: Stepfather Loves You To Death / Stepfather Loves You To Death
Rating: IMDB 5.5 / Rotten Tomatoes 13%

Movie Synopsis
In a small town called Portland, single mother Susan Harding (Sela Ward) lives with a pair of children Sean (Braeden Lemasters) and Beth (Skyler Samuels). His eldest son Michael (Penn Badgley Penn Badgley) is studying at a local military academy. One day, Susan met a single man named David Harris (Dylan Walsh) in a supermarket. Well-behaved and witty, David was the perfect family man. It was too late for the two to meet each other, and it was only half a year before they reached the point of talking about marriage. The Harding family is quite satisfied with David, but only Michael seems to have scruples.
His scruples were not without reason. After getting along for a while, Michael discovered that David’s gentle and cheerful appearance seemed to hide a dark and terrifying side. He tried to investigate everything about David, but it might be too late…

“The Stepfather” is a 2009 horror-thriller film directed by Nelson McCormick and starring Dylan Walsh, Sela Ward, and Penn Badgley. The movie is a remake of the 1987 film of the same name and tells the story of a man who, after killing his family, assumes a new identity and marries into another family in an attempt to start a new life.

In the film, David Harris (Dylan Walsh) is a man who has murdered his previous family and is now posing as a successful businessman named “Bill” in a new town. He starts dating a divorced woman named Susan (Sela Ward) and ingratiates himself with her two children, Michael (Penn Badgley) and Beth (Skyler Samuels). Michael begins to suspect that his new stepfather may not be who he seems and sets out to investigate his past.

The film received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising Walsh’s performance as the villainous stepfather and the suspenseful plot, while others criticized it for being too predictable and formulaic. The movie grossed over $31 million worldwide but was not a major box office success. Despite its mixed reception, the film has since gained a cult following among horror fans.

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