Terminator Salvation (2009) download

Terminator Salvation (2009)

Director: Joseph McGinty Nicher
Writers: John Brancato, Michael Ferriss
Cast: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Moon Bloodgood, Helena Bonham Carter, Anton Yelchin, Bryce Dallas Howard, Common, Jane Alexander / Michael Ironside / Chris Browning / Beth Bailey / Buster Revis / Greg Serrano / Bruce Mackintosh / Treva Edine / Dylan Cornyn / Michael Papajohn / Chris Asworth / Greg Plitt / Terry Crews / Zach McGowan / Isaac Carpi / Bruce Zee Sutherland/David Midsand/Angel Nygam/Lorenzo Callender/Joe Bazier/Roland Kingger/Brian Steele/Linda Hamilton / Paul J. Poulter / Frank Powers / Jadagrace / Ivan G’Vera / Dorian Nkono / Victor J. Ho / Neil Harbisson / Luke Kearney / Gregory Leiker / Mark Rayner /  …
Genre: Science Fiction / Action / Adventure / Thriller
Region: USA / Germany / UK / Italy
Language: English / Italian
Released: 2009-06-09 (Mainland China) / 2009-05-21 (USA)
series:[4] Terminator 2018
Runtime: 115 minutes / 118 minutes (director’s cut)
Also known as: Future Soldier 2018 (Hong Kong) / Devil Terminator: Future Salvation (Taiwan) / Terminator 4: Salvation Army / Terminator 4: Savior / Future Soldier 4 / Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins / Terminator 4 / T4
Rating: IMDB 6.5 / Rotten Tomatoes 33%

Movie Synopsis
In 2018, the war between the Skynet system and mankind plunged the world into an apocalyptic situation. The spiritual leader of the Resistance, John Connor (Christian Bale), won the victory over Skynet during a mission. New ideas, and the Skynet system launched a new target ranking in a timely manner, Connor ranked second, and Connor’s young father Kyle Reese was on the top of the list. At the same time, Marcus (Sam Worthington Sam Worthington), a strong man who has forgotten his past experience, appeared in the ruins of Los Angeles. He met the Rebel fighter Reese by chance and formed a team to resist. Army headquarters, unexpectedly attacked by robots on the way, and Reese was captured. Marcus, who was alone, led the way through the rebel female warrior Blair, and ushered in the destined encounter with Connor, but the confrontation between man and machine forced Connor to regard each other as an enemy…
Reese’s life and death in the Skynet center is uncertain, and at the same time, the high-level rebels refused to postpone the forced attack plan, leaving Connor with no more time, so he could only choose to carry out an infiltration operation that bet his life and honor.

“Terminator Salvation” is a science fiction action film released in 2009 and directed by McG. It is the fourth installment in the “Terminator” film franchise and stars Christian Bale as John Connor, the leader of the human resistance against Skynet, a self-aware artificial intelligence system that seeks to exterminate humanity.

The movie takes place in the year 2018, after Skynet has taken control of most of the world’s military resources and launched a devastating nuclear attack on the human race. John Connor, working alongside fellow resistance fighter Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin), discovers that Skynet is developing a new type of Terminator, known as the T-800, that can infiltrate human strongholds undetected. In his quest to stop Skynet and save the future, Connor also encounters a mysterious stranger named Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), who may hold the key to humanity’s survival.

The film received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising its action sequences and special effects, while others criticized its weak plot and character development. Nevertheless, it was a commercial success, grossing over $371 million worldwide.

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