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Signs (2002)

Director: M. Knight Shyamalan
Screenwriter: M Knight Shyamalan
Starring: Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, Rory Culkin, Abigail Breslin, Cherry Jones, M. Night Shyamalan
Genre: Drama / Science Fiction / Thriller / Suspense
Region: United States
Language: English / Portuguese
Released: 2002-08-02
Runtime: 106 minutes
Also known as: Shocking Omen (Hong Kong) / Ghost Quadrant (Taiwan) / Crop Field Symbol / Crop Field Strange Circle / Symbol of Life
Rating: IMDB 6.8 / Rotten Tomatoes 75%

Movie Synopsis
Graham Hayes (Mel Gibson Mel Gibson), an ordinary farmer in a Philadelphia, U.S. town, woke up in the morning and unexpectedly found out that a few bunches of strings appeared in his cornfield. A huge ring-shaped mysterious pattern that is tightly linked together. This surprised the Graham family a lot, because there were no footprints in the cornfield at all, which looked like traces of alien spaceships landing. Soon, news of mysterious patterns appeared overnight spread all over the world, and people were terrified and terrified all day long. The media, reporters and audience across the country also shifted their focus to this small town in the southern United States at the speed of the wind, and to the Hayes family in Bucks County.
Is this a 500-foot-wide mysterious crop circle, a maliciously crafted prank, a trail of aliens flying UFO or the result of some supernatural event? Only Graham discovered some clues and decided to track it down…

“Signs” is a 2002 science-fiction horror film directed by M. Night Shyamalan and starring Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, and Rory Culkin. The movie tells the story of a former minister named Graham Hess (Gibson) and his family, who discover crop circles in their cornfield that are believed to be signs of an extraterrestrial invasion.

The film explores themes of faith, family, and the unknown. It was noted for its suspenseful atmosphere, effective use of jump scares, and strong performances from the cast.

“Signs” was a commercial success, grossing over $408 million worldwide, and received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the film for its strong performances and tense atmosphere, while others criticized its plot holes and slow pacing. However, it has since become a cult classic and is regarded by many as one of Shyamalan’s best films.

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