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Rush Hour 2 (2001)

Director: Brett Ratner
Writers: Jeff Nathanson, Ross LaManna
Actors: Jackie Chan/ Chris Tucker/ John Lone/ Zhang Ziyi/ Rosely Sanchez/ Alan King/ Harris Yulin/ Zeng Jiang/ Lisa Losicero/ Mei Menakon/ Maggie Lee/ Gabert Coloma / William Duan / Ernie Reyes / Jeremy Piven / Joel McKinnon Miller / Angela Leto / Julia Schultz / Saul Lu Binneck / Gianni Russell / Yinghua Zhou / Tanya Newbold / Matthew Barry / Elizabeth Anves / Melissa Biggs / Day Lee Bond / Don Chin Del/Jean Cheng/James Lew/Roger Lim/Mars/Simon Rae/Ivan Shaw/Rena Sue/Pherishe Lee/Michael A. Tesiro/Natasha/…
Genre: Action / Comedy / Thriller / Crime
Region: United States
Language: English / Mandarin / Cantonese
Released: 2001-08-03 (USA)
Series: [2] Rush Hour 2
Length: 90 minutes
AKA: Rush Hour 2 / Rush Hour 2
Rating: IMDB 6.6 / Rotten Tomatoes 51%

Movie Synopsis
Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and his old partner James Carter (Chris Tucker Chris Tucker), who came to Hong Kong from Los Angeles for vacation, really had no time to relax. When the US Consulate was bombed, two staff members were killed. I had to take Carter to visit the triad leader and his father’s former partner Deng Liqi (played by Zun Long), Deng Liqi’s subordinate Hu Li (played by Zhang Ziyi) and others successively attacked Li and Carter. case, and the Hong Kong police station was also bombed. The separated Li and Carter came to Deng Liqi’s yacht respectively, and learned that there was internal strife in the Triad Society. As soon as the words fell, Hu Li shot Deng Liqi to death in the sea… The two lost their clues and went to Los Angeles, where the local tycoon Rong Shixun Hu Li’s trail and the undercover American agents were found at home. It turned out that Deng, Hu and others were involved in a huge counterfeit banknote case. Li and Carter decided to take back the printing plates in Hu Li’s hands…

Rush Hour 2 is a 2001 American action comedy film directed by Brett Ratner and starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. The film is the sequel to the 1998 film Rush Hour and follows the story of Hong Kong Detective Inspector Lee (Chan) and Los Angeles Detective James Carter (Tucker) as they team up again to take down a dangerous crime lord in Hong Kong.

The film features a talented supporting cast, including Roselyn Sanchez, Zhang Ziyi, and John Lone. It also includes several thrilling action sequences and humorous moments that have become hallmarks of the franchise.

Rush Hour 2 was a commercial success, grossing over $347 million worldwide. It received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising its action and comedy, while others criticized its plot and use of stereotypes. Nevertheless, the film’s success led to a third installment in the franchise, Rush Hour 3, which was released in 2007.

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