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Pearl Harbor (2001)

Director: Michael Bay
Screenwriter: Randall Wallace
Cast: Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale, William Lee Scott, Greg Zola, Ewen Bremner, Alec Baldwin Kim / Katherine Kellner / Jennifer Garner / Jon Voight / Cuba Gooding Jr. / Michael Shannon / Matthew Davis / Nobu Iwamatsu / John Fujioka / Hiroyuki Tagawa / Colm Feore/ Dan Aykroyd/ Ridley McClendon/ Jesse James/ William Fichtner/ Steve Rankin/ Brian Haley/ David Hornsby/ Kurt Wilson/ Graham Baker/ Randy Oglesby/ Stan Cahill/ Tom Everett/ Thomas Arana/ Beth Grant/ Sarah Rue/ Sung Ho Kang / Raffael Shabarag / Marty Belavski / Tamaki Okamoto / Ian Bohan / Michael Milhan / Peter Firth / Tom Sizemore / Andrew Bly Niaski/ Nicholas Downs/ Tim Choate/ John Deere/ Ron Harper/ Ted McKinley/ Madison Mason/ Kim Coates/ Andrew Barry/ Glenn Morshower/ Paul Francis/ Scott Weep/ Eric Christian Olsen/ Garrett Sato/ Eiji Inoue/ Jeff Wadlow/ Seth Sakai/ Curtis Andersen / John Piper-Ferguson / Michael Shames Wells / Brett Pedigold / Sean Gunn / Josh Ackerman / David Kaufman / Guy Tory / Leland Orser/ Pete James Smith/ Pat Healy/ Thomas Wilson/ …
Genre: Drama / Romance / War / History
Region: United States
Language: English / Japanese / French / Mandarin
Released: 2001-08-10 (Mainland China) / 2001-05-25 (USA)
Length: 183 minutes / 184 minutes (director’s cut)
Also known as: Tennessee
Rating: IMDB 6.2 / Rotten Tomatoes 24%

Movie Synopsis
Rafe (Ben Affleck) and Danny (Josh Hartnett) are a pair of good brothers who have played together since childhood. Both of them are very interested in flying. They once learned to fly airplanes together. In the early days, the two joined the U.S. Air Force together. During the training, Rafe fell in love with Evelyn (Kate Beckinsale), a female nurse in the military hospital.
In order to help European countries resist the aggression of Nazi Germany, the U.S. military decided to send elite troops to the European continent. Lefe volunteered to join the war and entrusted Evelyn to Danny’s care. Soon, the bad news came that Lefe’s plane died in an air battle. Being shot down by the Germans, the possibility of survival is almost zero. In the pain of mutual encouragement, Evelyn and Danny developed love. What they didn’t expect was that Leif didn’t die, and when the three reunited, they were embarrassed. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor helped them out, and Rafe and Danny decided not to be rivals in love but to be comrades in arms.

Pearl Harbor is a 2001 American war film directed by Michael Bay, starring Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, and Kate Beckinsale. The film tells the story of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on December 7, 1941, and the aftermath of the attack, including the Doolittle Raid.

The film received mixed reviews from critics, with criticism focusing on its historical inaccuracies and clichéd dialogue, but also received praise for its impressive action sequences and visual effects. It was a commercial success, grossing over $449 million worldwide against a budget of $140 million.

Despite its commercial success, Pearl Harbor is often regarded as a flawed and overly sentimental film, which took liberties with historical events and characters. However, it remains a popular film among some audiences for its portrayal of the bravery and sacrifice of the men and women involved in the attack and its aftermath.

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