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Joker (2019)

Director: Todd Phillips
Writers: Todd Phillips, Scott Silver, Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Jerry Robinson
Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Marc Maron, Zazie Bates, Shay Whigham, Frances Conroy, Brian Callan, Brian Tyree Henry / Brett Cullen / Douglas Hodges / Glenn Fleischer / Bill Kemp / Josh Pass / Dante Pereira-Olsen / Mary Kate Ma Rattle / Michael Benz / Sharon Washington / Sandra James / Tony Heard / Mandela Bellamy / Joe Oakman / Carl Lundstedt / Mick O Rock / David Gibson / Ivan Rosado / Anne Bisabbia / Bryce Corrigan / Jon Douglas Rainey / Ainsley Dann / Jason John Chee Carlesse/…
Genre: Drama / Thriller / Crime / Humanity
Region: USA / Canada
language: English
Screening: 2019-08-31 (Venice Film Festival) / 2019-10-04 (USA)
Length: 122 minutes / 118 minutes (Venice Film Festival)
AKA: Joker Origin Movie: Romeo / Romeo / Joker Origin Movie
Rating: IMDB 8.4 / Rotten Tomatoes 69%

Movie Synopsis
The cold and hopeless Gotham City, the humble Arthur Frank (Joaquin Phoenix Joaquin Phoenix) depends on playing the clown to make a living. The mother who depends on him suffers from mental illness, and Arthur deeply remembers his mother’s teachings, no matter what setbacks he encounters, he will smile at life, but because of this, he puts himself under great pressure and is on the verge of collapse. He dreamed of becoming a stand-up show actor, but life hit him with disappointment time and time again. Not only that, he lost his job due to an accident, and accidentally caught a glimpse of his mother’s secret, which aroused his ardent longing for the father who had a very different status but never met. Fate is used to things backfiring. In the empty subway, the sad clown went on a killing spree amidst the insane laughter that he couldn’t help himself…
The film won the Golden Lion Award at the 76th Venice Film Festival.

“Joker” is a 2019 American psychological thriller film directed by Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix as the titular character, Arthur Fleck, who eventually becomes the Joker.

The film is set in 1981 and follows Arthur, a failed stand-up comedian who lives in Gotham City with his mother and struggles to make ends meet. Arthur suffers from a condition that causes him to laugh uncontrollably at inappropriate times, which often gets him into trouble. He dreams of becoming a successful comedian, but his life takes a dark turn as he experiences a series of humiliating events and is pushed to the brink of madness.

As Arthur’s mental state deteriorates, he begins to embrace his alter ego, the Joker, and embarks on a violent and chaotic path of revenge against those he feels have wronged him. The film explores themes of mental illness, class struggle, and societal decay.

“Joker” was praised for Phoenix’s performance, which earned him the Academy Award for Best Actor, as well as for its cinematography and score. However, the film also generated controversy for its portrayal of violence and its potential to incite real-world violence.

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