How to treat recurrent mycotic gynecological inflammation

Recurrent episodes of mycotic gynecological inflammation need to be treated with drugs and the primary disease at the same time, and the sexual partners should also be treated together. details as follows:

1. Drug treatment
The number of recurrent episodes of fungal vaginitis within one year has reached more than four times, which is recurrent, and the cause needs to be clarified for targeted treatment. For drugs, clotrimazole can be used for vaginal embolization. Oral drugs include fluconazole, Mycotoxin tablets, etc.

2. Treat the primary disease
If fungal vaginitis recurs, it may be related to diabetes. It must be controlled in time, and at the same time ensure personal hygiene, adhere to medication, and after consolidation treatment, fungal vaginitis will be completely cured.

3. Partner therapy
If the sexual partner has a disease and is not treated in time, the female fungal vaginitis will be repeatedly infected during intercourse. So sexual partners should also be treated.

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