How to maintain the new car running-in period

1. Clean the body for the first time:

Clean the car body carefully for the first time, otherwise, it will damage the bright oil part of the outer layer of the car body, making the car darker and darker after washing. In addition, dirt that cannot be seen with the naked eye, such as flying paint, gum, acid, alkali and other chemical components, cannot be removed only with detergent, and must be carefully wiped with special decontamination clay. can be cleared;

2. The first maintenance of a new car:

For the first maintenance, body maintenance is the most important. You should perform body waxing and other beauty maintenance for your car in a professional car beauty maintenance organization. This is the key to maintaining a car in the future. problems will arise;

3. The first maintenance of the paint surface:

Although there is no aging problem on the paint surface of a new car, the paint surface of the car body has been in contact with air, acid rain, wind and sand, etc. from the factory to the purchase by the owner. Therefore, it is very important to maintain your car in a timely and correct manner. , if you are buying an imported car, first of all, you should pay attention to the fact that the car wax contains paraffin, resin and Teflon. When removing the wax, you cannot use gasoline or kerosene to wipe it. In the maintenance shop, please ask a technician to help. As for domestic cars, most of the car bodies are electrostatically sprayed, and the paint surface is mirror-like luster, so no wax is needed;

4. Sealing glaze treatment:

This is a new technology. The glazed car does not need to be waxed within one year. It can be washed with clean water and dried with a clean suede cloth. After the glaze is sealed, the body is protected from oxidation and ultraviolet rays, and the paint will not fade.

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