How should a new car run in New car running in skills

There will be a running-in period for a new car just bought, so how should the new car be run-in? Let’s take a look at the new car running-in skills.

How should a new car be run in?

1. Initial run-in

500 kilometers is the initial run-in. At this time, the speed should not be too fast, generally below 70-80 kilometers, and the speed should not exceed 2200 rpm.

2. Mid-term running-in

500-1000 kilometers is the mid-term running-in, the maximum speed can be increased appropriately, generally it can reach 90-100 kilometers, and the speed is preferably below 2500 rpm. Appropriate speed increase will not affect the engine, but can promote running-in, and you can see if there is any abnormality when the speed is increased again.

3. Post-running

1000-1500 kilometers is the late run-in, and the speed can be raised to below 120 kilometers. Because running-in is a gradual process, it must be gradually increased. The speed should not exceed 3000 rpm.

How to break in a new car

Four, step by step

When all cars are running at low speeds, the actual burden is greater than that at medium speeds. Therefore, it is not advisable to run in at a speed below 60 kilometers per hour for a long time during the running-in period. The speed must be increased gradually. At the same time, if you have been running at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour after the running-in period, if you increase the speed suddenly, it will make the new car uncomfortable, so you must gradually increase the maximum speed during the running-in period. In addition, do not drive at a fixed speed for a long time during the running-in period, but change the speed.

5. Avoid sudden stops

During the running-in period, avoid sudden braking and rapid acceleration. For cars with automatic transmission, because the designated gear cannot be determined by manual gear shifting, it can only be realized by driving speed.

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