How long does it take to treat fungus

Under normal circumstances, mold needs to be treated for a course of treatment.

Mold is mainly parasitic in the body. When the immune system is relatively weak, or if you suffer from chronic diseases, and you do not pay attention to your own hygiene, it may lead to mold infection. The most common fungal infection in the female genital area is Candida infection. The most common symptom is tofu-like discharge accompanied by genital itching. It is necessary to go to the hospital for corresponding examinations in time, and use clotrimazole suppositories or nystatin preparations and other drugs to be inserted into the vagina under the guidance of a doctor for corresponding treatment. Under normal circumstances, the treatment of vaginal fungal infection generally takes 7 days as a course of treatment, and it can gradually return to normal, but the specific time needs to be determined by the doctor according to the recovery situation, and the drug cannot be stopped by oneself.

During the treatment, you should pay attention to your own cleanliness and hygiene, change and wash your underwear frequently, and expose yourself to the sun. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement the protein, vitamins and other nutrients needed by the body, and avoid eating too much cold and spicy irritating food.

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