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Home Alone (1990)

Director: Chris Columbus
Screenwriter: John Hughes
Starring: Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Heard, Roberts Blossom, Catherine O’Hara, Angela Gottals, Devon Wray Terry / Jerry Barman / Hilary Wolf / John Candy / Larry Harkin / Michael C. Morona / Kristen Mintel / Diana Campello / Jedediah Cohen / Keenan Culkin / Senta Moses / Terry Snell / Matt Doherty / Ralph Foudy / Michael Guido / Ray Toler / Bea Lea Bird/ Bill Irvine/ Gerry Becker/ Clark Deflo/ Danny Warhol/ Hope Davis/ James Lane/ Ken Hudson Campbell/ Jim Outleby/ Lionel Barrymore/ Quinn Culkin/ Raja Gosnell/ James M. Huffman/ Paula Newsome/ Uri Rutman/ Luciano Sabey/…
Genre: Comedy
Region: United States
language: English
Released: 1990-11-16
Series: [1] Home Alone
Length: 103 minutes
Also known as: Baby Wisdom (Hong Kong) / Home Alone
Rating: IMDB 7.7 / Rotten Tomatoes 66%

Movie Synopsis
The annual Christmas is here again. The whole family was busy going out to celebrate the Christmas holiday, but they made a mistake and left the youngest member of the family, 8-year-old Kevin (Macaulay Culkin Macaulay Culkin) at home. Mom and Dad were in a hurry, but they were already out of town at this time, and there was nothing they could do for a while. On the contrary, Kevin was overjoyed, it was rare to be alone at home, so Kevin arranged the house into a “playground”.
Two thieves who had just been released from prison set their sights on Kevin’s house. When they sneaked into Kevin’s house, Kevin played a “game” with two stupid thieves by virtue of his eye-catching and the “playground mechanism” at home, full of jokes. Can Kevin finally win this “game”?

“Home Alone” is a classic Christmas comedy film released in 1990, directed by Chris Columbus and written by John Hughes. The film stars Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister, a young boy who is accidentally left behind by his family when they go on a Christmas vacation to Paris.

At first, Kevin enjoys having the house to himself, but he soon has to defend it from two burglars, played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. Kevin sets a series of traps to stop the burglars from breaking in, which leads to comedic and chaotic situations.

“Home Alone” became a huge success upon its release, grossing over $475 million worldwide and becoming the highest-grossing live-action comedy film of all time in the United States. It also received positive reviews from critics who praised its humor, music, and Culkin’s performance. The film has since become a holiday classic and spawned several sequels.

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