Difference Between Blues and Jazz

The difference between blues and jazz is mainly reflected in the following and aspects:

1. The difference between rhythm and rhythm: The representative rhythm of blues is called Shuffle Beat (based on triplets). The rhythm has a strong sense of undulation, which makes people bounce. The representative rhythm of jazz is 4Beat Swing, which is characterized by swing, which can make people feel like they are shaking leisurely.

2. The protagonists in the music are different: blues music takes singing as the protagonist, and the instrument part serves for singing, and the solo part of the instrument also imitates the feeling of people speaking. Jazz is dominated by musical instruments, and the main instrumental music is the protagonist. In a way that is easier to remember, it is: blues music comes first and then there are songs, while jazz music comes first and then there are songs.

3. The main body of performers in the early stage of formation is different: blues music has been played by blacks for black audiences for a long time, and very few whites participated in the performances in the early stages of development. From the early days of jazz, blacks and whites played together. Until the peak of apartheid, it was blacks and whites who laid the foundation for the development of jazz.

4. Differences in inheritance: In the huge system of jazz, after a new style appears, it will deliberately overturn the previous accumulation, and the innovation is very obvious. The development of blues music has been constantly innovating in the accumulation of the system, and the century-old inheritance can be connected into a line.

5. Different musical instruments are used for playing.

Blues music mainly uses musical instruments, such as guitar, harmonica, piano, drum, bass, organ, banjo, mandolin, violin, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, African flute, etc. Rhythm assist.

Jazz mainly uses musical instruments: cornet (trumpet/trumpet), piano, clarinet, trombone, saxophone, French horn, double bass, banjo, violin, guitar, marimba, flute, etc. Mainly brass and woodwind instruments, all kinds of instruments can be called protagonists

6. The difference from the sound festival: Blues music basically uses traditional African pentatonic scales and blues syllables, mainly highlighting changes in rhythm and emotion, which are closer to the essence of human nature. Jazz music should use more natural syllables and various modal syllables to enrich the melodic construction of the performance.

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