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Children of Men (2006)

Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Writers: Alfonso Cuarón, Timothy J. Sexton, David Aletta, Mark Fergus, Hawk Osby, P.D. James
Cast: Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, Michael Caine, Claire-Hope Ashti, Charlie Hunnam, Pam Ferris, Chiwetel Ejiofor
Genre: Drama / Science Fiction / Adventure / Humanity
Region: US / UK / Japan
Languages: English / German / Italian / Romanian / Spanish / Arabic / Georgian / Russian / Serbian
Release: 2006-09-03 (Venice Film Festival) / 2006-09-22 (UK)
Length: 109 minutes
Also known as: The Last Catastrophe (Hong Kong) / Extinct Catastrophe / The Only Fruit Surviving
Rating: IMDB 7.9 / Rotten Tomatoes 92%

Movie Synopsis
Twenty years later, human society is facing an unprecedented danger of extinction—all human beings have lost their fertility, while Eastern European and African countries have been torn apart, and a large number of people have migrated to rich countries such as the United Kingdom.
In the UK, however, people are in chaos and panic. Everyone is anxious and violent for the end of the world. African girl Ken (Claire-Hope Ashitey Claire-Hope Ashitey) immigrated to this country illegally, but what is exciting is that she has a child in her belly. In order to keep the only blood of mankind, the police officer Theo (Clive Owen) and his ex-wife Julie (Julianne Moore) decide to leave Ken safely at all costs, but the hail of bullets has made them difficult.
While fleeing, the baby was born in a refugee camp. In the face of swords and guns, keeping the last hope of mankind has become the only belief in Tio’s heart.

“Children of Men” is a 2006 dystopian science fiction film directed by Alfonso Cuarón and starring Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, and Michael Caine. The film is based on the novel of the same name by P.D. James and is set in a world where humans have become infertile and the youngest person on Earth has just died.

The story follows a former activist named Theo Faron (played by Clive Owen) as he is recruited by his ex-wife Julian (played by Julianne Moore) to help transport a young refugee named Kee (played by Claire-Hope Ashitey) to safety. The catch is that Kee is pregnant and the only hope for the survival of the human race. Theo and Kee must evade the government, rebels, and other dangers as they make their way to a sanctuary called the Human Project.

The film received critical acclaim for its visually stunning and realistic portrayal of a dystopian world, as well as its thought-provoking themes and social commentary. The film’s long tracking shots and realistic action sequences, particularly a car chase through the streets of London, were also praised. While not a commercial success at the time of its release, the film has since gained a cult following and is considered a modern classic of science fiction cinema.

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