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Casablanca (1942)

Director: Michael Curtiz
Writers: Julius J. Epstein, Philip G. Epstein, Howard Kirk, Murray Burnett, Joan Alison, Kathy Robinson
Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid, Claude Rains, Conrad Waite, Sidney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre S. Z. Sakar / Madeleine LeBeau / Dooley Wilson / Joey Paige / John Quellen / Leonid Kinski / Kurt Boyce / Enrique Acosta / Ed Agresti / Louis V. Arco / Brandon Beach / Leon Velasco / Trude Berliner / Oliver Black / Monty Blue / Eugène Bodden / Dick Botiller / Maurice Brierre / George M. Carleton / Spencer Chan / Tex Cooper / Gino Corrado / Franco Corsaro / Adrienne D’Ambricourt / Marcel Dario / Helmut Dandin / Jean De Briac / George Dee / Jean Dee Delorval / Carl Deloro / Arthur Dulac / William Edmunds / Herbert Evans / Fred Farrell / Martin Gallaraga / Gregory Guy / Gregory Golubeff / Ilka Grüning / Clay Don Hale / Winifred Harris / Jamiel Hasson / Arthur Stuart Hull / Ola /  …
Genre: Drama / Romance / War
Region: United States
Languages: English / French / German / Italian
Released: 1943-07-07 (Mainland China) / 1942-11-26 (New York premiere) / 1943-01-23 (USA)
Length: 102 minutes
Also known as: North African Spy (Hong Kong/Taiwan)
Rating: IMDB 8.5 / Rotten Tomatoes 99%

Movie Synopsis
During World War II, Casablanca was the only place where Europe fled to the United States. There were mixed fish and dragons, and the situation was tense. Rick (Humphrey Bogart Humphrey Bogart) is a mysterious businessman who owns a popular nightclub in Casablanca and has two valuable passes. One day, the anti-Nazi figure Victor and his wife Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman played by Ingrid Bergman) came to the nightclub. It turned out that they were evading the Nazis. Coincidentally, Rick found that Ilsa turned out to be his old lover. That love was once unforgettable, but it ended because of a misunderstanding. And when the misunderstanding cleared up, the relationship between Ilsa and Rick was inevitably rekindled. The two passes in Rick’s hand can help Victor get through the difficulties, but in this way, whether Ilsa decides to stay or leave, where their love will go in the political and ethical drift.

“Casablanca” is a classic romantic drama film released in 1942, directed by Michael Curtiz and starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Paul Henreid. The film is set during World War II and is known for its memorable quotes, romantic storyline, and iconic characters.

The story follows Rick Blaine, played by Bogart, an American expatriate who runs a popular nightclub in Casablanca, Morocco. When his former lover, Ilsa Lund, played by Bergman, enters his club with her husband, Victor Laszlo, a leader of the Czech Resistance, Rick must choose between his feelings for Ilsa and his desire to help Laszlo escape to safety. As the war rages on and the stakes get higher, the characters must navigate complicated relationships and make tough decisions.

“Casablanca” was a critical and commercial success, winning three Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. It has since become a classic film and is widely regarded as one of the greatest films ever made. The film is famous for its iconic lines such as “Here’s looking at you, kid” and “We’ll always have Paris,” and its theme song “As Time Goes By” has become synonymous with the film.

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