2012 (2009) download

2012 (2009)

Director: Roland Emmerich
Writers: Roland Emmerich, Harold Cruther
Cast: John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Thandie Newton, Oliver Platt, Tom McCarthy, Woody Harrelson, Danny Glover, Liam James / Morgan Lilly/ Zatko Barrick/ Beatrice Rosen/ Alexandre Haussmann/ Philippe Haussmann/ Johan Erb/ John Billingsley/ Huang Jinghan/ Zhou Yizhi/ Zhang Zheng/ Lu Yan/ Blue Mankuma/ George Segal/ Patrick Bauchau/ Jimmy Mistre/ Ryan MacDonald/ Marilyn Gann/ Henry Au/ Patrick Gilmore/ Weaver Leacock/ and more Lon Bell/David Orth/Ty Olsen/Zinaid Memisevic/BJ Harrison/Dominic Zamprogna/Karin Kornova/Mary Gillis/Pakheng Cheng/Parm Soor/Gerard Plunkett / Eve Harlow/ Sean Tyson/ Michael Balfour/ Darren A. Herbert/ Judy Thompson/ Tanya Champ/ Frank C. Turner/ Lara Sadik / Gillian Barber / Beverly Elliott / Aga Dash / Raj Lal / Jack Bo Blair / Scott E. Miller / Anna Mellotridge / Eddie Ha Searle / Alexandra Castillo / Li Liqiang / Jeff Gustafson / Alex Sahara / Jason Griffiths / Jill Morrison / …
Genre: Science Fiction / Action / Adventure / Disaster / Humanity
Region: USA / Canada
Language: English / French / Tibetan / Mandarin / Russian / Hindi / Portuguese / Latin / Italian
Release: 2009-11-13 (Mainland China/USA) / 2012-11-20 (Mainland China 3D)
Length: 158 minutes
Also known as: 2012 Doomsday Prophecy (Hong Kong) / 2012 Doomsday / 2012 Earth Destruction / Farewell Atlantis / 2012 3D
Rating: IMDB 5.8 / Rotten Tomatoes 39%

Movie Synopsis
The solar activity is abnormal, the energy balance system inside the earth is about to collapse, the prophecy of the Mayans is about to be fulfilled, and human beings will encounter catastrophe. The governments of various countries have joined forces to start secretly manufacturing the Ark, hoping to escape this catastrophe. Jackson (John Cusack John Cusack), who makes a living by writing science fiction, had a series of strange things happen when he took the children to Yellowstone Park for the weekend, and met the neurotic Charlie (Woody Harrelson). Charlie tells him the end of the world is coming. Accompanied by volcanic eruptions, strong earthquakes and tsunamis, Jackson led his family to drive a temporarily rented plane out of the city that was instantly shrouded in the haze of death, and began to search for the ark that Charlie said was being secretly manufactured by governments of various countries. At the moment of life and death, some great ghosts will come to the fore, and some selfish hearts will have nowhere to hide. When thousands of creatures came to the Ark manufacturing base through various methods, the limited capacity of the Ark triggered unprecedented… panic. In the end, the remaining people overcame the difficulties with mutual love and respect for life.
This film is called an upgraded version of “The Day After Tomorrow”, with an investment of more than 200 million US dollars. It is the latest masterpiece of disaster film master Roland Emmerich.

2012 is a 2009 disaster film directed by Roland Emmerich and starring John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Amanda Peet. The film tells the story of a global catastrophe in which a series of catastrophic natural disasters threaten to destroy the world.

The film begins with the discovery of solar flares that are causing an increase in temperature on Earth. This leads to a series of devastating earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that ravage cities around the world. Amidst the chaos, a struggling writer named Jackson Curtis (Cusack) attempts to reunite with his family and escape the destruction before it’s too late.

As Jackson races to save his family, he becomes embroiled in a larger conspiracy involving the world’s governments and their plans to save a select few individuals in massive arks in order to ensure the survival of the human race. With the clock ticking down and the disaster escalating, Jackson must fight to save his family and find a way to ensure the survival of all humanity.

2012 received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising its spectacle and special effects, while others criticized its predictable plot and shallow characters. However, the film was a box office success, grossing over $750 million worldwide.

Despite its flaws, 2012 remains an entertaining disaster film that delivers on its promise of destruction and mayhem. Its emphasis on the importance of family and the survival of the human race in the face of disaster also gives it a sense of urgency and relevance.

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