Summary of the reasons for 403 Forbidden when visiting the website

Today, I summarized the reasons for the 403 Forbidden error when visiting the website. The main ones are as follows:

1. Your IP is blacklisted
2. You have visited this website too much within a certain period of time (usually using a collection program), and the firewall has denied access
3. Browsing a directory that is not allowed to be accessed
4. Your web script file does not have execution permission in the current directory
5. A create/write file operation was performed in a directory that does not allow writing/creating files
6. Access the website that requires ssl connection in http mode
7. Access SSL 128 connections when the browser does not support SSL 128
8. There are too many connected users, please try again later
9. The wrong password was entered during the authentication process

Forbidden means forbidden, which means you do not have permission to visit this website.